Autobank deposit

You can deposit cash or cheques at any AutoBank. It's quick, easy and secure.

How to deposit cash or cheques ?
You can only deposit money into accounts that are linked to your account. You need to visit a branch to link your accounts.

How do I make a deposit at an AutoBank machine?

Step 1: Insert your AutoBank card in the machine and enter your PIN when prompted to do so
Step 2: Press the Deposit button
Step 3: Choose the account you want to deposit into by pressing the corresponding button.
Step 4: Enter the amount in full, for example, R50. Press the Correct button to confirm. The machine will print a transaction slip
Step 5: Take the deposit envelope and place your money and the transaction slip inside the deposit envelope. Close the envelope and insert it into the deposit slot. After you insert the envelope in the deposit slot the machine will print a second deposit slip, which you need to keep for your records.

What happens to my money after I've made a deposit at an AutoBank machine?
We collect the deposit envelopes and place them in a sealed bag. The bag is then securely transported to the nearest cash centre.

At the cash centre the deposit envelopes are opened in a secure area that is under constant camera surveillance. The contents of the deposit envelopes are checked against the deposit slips in the envelope. Cash deposits are cleared immediately, while cheques can take five to seven

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