Take care of the one who takes care of you with Standard Bank’s FuneralPlan

17 November 2015

For many families, a domestic worker is often so much more than ‘just’ an employee – a housekeeper, cook, friend and, at times, substitute mother to your children, your domestic worker cares for your family as if is her own for many hours a week, but who is watching out for her dependants?

Tetiwe Jawuna, Head of Standard Bank Insurance Brokers (SBIB), South Africa says “Standard Bank offers you the chance to take care of the one who takes care of you with FuneralPlan, a financial solution that ensures the funeral costs of your hired staff or her family is covered in the event of their passing.

Ms. Jawuna shares the benefits of FuneralPlan below:

Policy benefits:

  • FuneralPlan covers members for burial costs of up to R50 000, and claims are paid out within 48 hours. This provides peace of mind during an emotionally challenging time, as the family won’t have to worry about covering the costs of a funeral.
  • There are flexible cover options to choose from for individual cover only or family.
  • Depending on which plan is selected, an additional grocery benefit of up to R2 000 per month for 12 months is provided, ensuring the family has one less worry during such a distressing time.

Value-added benefits: 

  • The policy also provides ambulance services in the event of an emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke or car accident.
  • Members will receive between 10% and 40% discount from a list of doctors, optometrists and dentists.
  • An airtime benefit of up to R200 is provided upon the passing of the main insured member or spouse to help with funeral arrangements.


UCount Rewards:

Though your motivations for purchasing FuneralPlan for your domestic worker are wholly altruistic, the benefits are not entirely one-sided: if you are a UCount Rewards member, you will receive 50 points each month for every qualifying insurance policy you have. This could increase your tier-level, meaning more rewards points to spend as you please at the UCount Rewards Online and Travel Malls! For more information, or to become a UCount Rewards member, visit www.standardbank.co.za/UCount

After months or even years spent faithfully watching over your children and home, your domestic worker essentially becomes part of your family, so it makes sense that you would want to protect them and their loved ones in difficult times – help them take care of their family like they take care of yours: SMS ‘support’ to 31492 to get FuneralPlan for your hired help. 


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