Business Account

Easy-to-use, time-saving transactional solutions assist you in managing your cash flow efficiently. Transactional solutions help you to improve your customer collections, make deposits, withdrawals and payments conveniently, while reducing the administrative burdens on your business.

A Standard Bank Business Account allows you to transact in the way that is most convenient for you.

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Business Current Account

Enables you to make secure payments and collections, and serves as your gateway to a variety of Standard Bank tools and services. 

BizLaunch Account

A BizLaunch account has all the functionality of a standard current account, with a difference. We understand that costs matter when you're starting out and that during the early days, cash flow is scarce. That is why BizLaunch offers bundled pricing, which means you pay a fixed amount for bank charges every month. 

Attorney's Trust Account

An Attorney's Trust Account assists attorneys in handling funds in trust on behalf of clients, while meeting compulsory regulatory requirments.

Executor's Trust Account

As an appointed executor, liquidator or curator, you can deposit, withdraw and make legal payments to third parties with an Executor's Account.


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