Corporate Card Solutions

Manage operational expenditure in a simple and convenient manner with our range of Corporate Card solutions. Flexible payment options and comprehensive expense management enable you to better understand your business’s spending.

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  • Travel Management Solutions

    Travel Lodge Card

    Assign a Travel Lodge card to your travel agent, helping ensure seamless payments on your behalf.

    Diners Club Virtual Card

    The Diners Club Virtual Card enables you to issue a once-off card to your employees or travel agents, reducing the risk of fraud.

    Forex Lodge Card

    A Forex Lodge Card offers immediate payment of foreign exchange purchases, reducing administration and costs.

  • Travel and Entertainment Expense Solutions

    Individual Corporate Card

    With an Individual Corporate Card, employees can pay for air tickets, hotels, car hire or meals when travelling on business.

  • Fuel and Maintenance Solutions

    Garage Card

    When using a Standard Bank Garage Card, your staff can pay for fuel, oil, repairs, toll fees, maintenance, spares and other vehicle-related expenses.

    Aviation Card

    Give your pilots the ability to securely pay for all aviation-related expenses with an Aviation Card.

  • Supplier Payment Solutions

    Procurement Card

    A Procurement Card facilitates immediate account settlement with suppliers, simplifying your payment processes.

    Diners Club Courier Card

    Conveniently settle courier and freight expenses without compromising cash flow or adding to your administrative procedures.

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