Employer Value Banking

People are your driving force. Looking after their interests makes your business stronger, but this goes beyond improving how much they earn.

Employer Value Banking gives your staff one-on-one, professional help to achieve their financial goals.

Workplace banking sessions, staff wellness days, inductions and training programmes allow us to present the benefits of Employer Value Banking to your staff.

We also run financial literacy and fitness workshops, and can offer your staff holistic banking solutions based on their specific needs.

And none of it costs you a cent...


Some of the benefits include:

  • 3 months of no monthly fee for staff opening Elite or Prestige bank accounts*
  • Professional bank accounts with unique benefits for qualifying young professionals
  • Hassle-free banking for non-SA citizens and staff working abroad
  • Advice on retirement planning, investments and insurance
  • Free online wills, and 20% off wills held in safe custody with us
  • 25% off bond registration costs up to R 3 500 on new home loans up to R 1,5 million
  • Depending on the accepted Vehicle and Asset Finance scheme they choose, your staff can get 50% off finance initiation fees, plus the option of one ‘skip payment’ per year

Select for more information on ElitePrestige and Professional 

*Including 3 000 Rewards points on registering for UCount Rewards 

How it works

  • Your business gets a dedicated consultant to help your staff
  • Banking Days, training and literacy workshops are set up at convenient times
  • Support comes from a team of personal banking consultants
  • Executives and top management get a dedicated private banker
  • Your staff gets quick, easy access to the banking services they need help with

How to get it

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