Earn competitive interest rates and perform simple transactions on your account

With the MarketLink account you earn high interest rates with the convenience of a card-based investment account. Your funds are immediately accessible and you can set your daily or monthly withdrawal limits. You can also make additional deposits into your MarketLink account at any time and your funds can be invested indefinitely.

MarketLink may suit your business if:

  • You want a low-risk investment option to invest your surplus cash
  • You need the flexibility of performing simple transactions on your account
  • You want to make additional deposits and transfers into the account as and when required
  • You want to be able to regularly transfer funds between your Standard Bank accounts
  • You want immediate access to your money

How to qualify

  • Minimun opening balance R1 000

Features and benefits

  • Access your money immediately so you can better manage your cash flow
  • Earn highly competitive interest rates on your funds, getting a better return on your investment
  • No monthly fees are charged unless the balance is less than R 1 000 and the account has been inactive for 3 months
  • Transaction fees are charged on a pay-as-you-transact fee structure
  • Make additional deposits into your account at any time
  • You can invest indefinitely, earning competitive interest rates on your savings
  • Higher balances earn higher interest rates, so the more you invest the greater your return on your savings
  • Interest is calculated on daily balances, giving you a competitive return on your savings. You can have your interest paid into another account — or re-invest it

How to apply

  • Already have a Business Current Account? Contact your account executive.
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.


These rates effective from 21 July 2017.  

R1 000 - R4 999 2.25% 2.27%
R20 000 - R49 999 2.35% 2.38%
R50 000 - R99  999 3.60% 3.66%
R100 000 - R499 999 4.80% 4.91%
R500 000 and above 5.00% 5.12%

Interest rates are quoted as per annum rates.

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