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MoneyMarket Call Account

MoneyMarket Call Account

Access funds when you need it, earn interest when you don’t

  • Immediate access to money
  • Seamless inter-account transfers

R20 000 minimum opening deposit

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About a MoneyMarket Call Account

How it works

How it works

  • R20 000 minimum opening deposit
  • Additional deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time
  • Earn interest on amounts of R20 000 and above
  • Interest is calculated on daily balances and capitalised monthly
  • Invested capital is guaranteed
What you get

What it costs

  • There are no fees on this account

Interest rates

Balances Interest rate Effective rate
R20 000 - R99 999 5.75% 5.90%
R100 000 - R249 999 6.15% 6.33%
R250 000 - R499 999 6.15% 6.33%
R500 000 - R999 999 6.15% 6.33%
R1 000 000 - R19 999 999 6.20% 6.38%
R20 000 000 and above 6.25% 6.43%

What this means for you

  • The account stays open even if you withdraw all the funds, allowing for easy future deposits and withdrawals
  • Instant access and no fees allows you to use this account for effective cashflow management

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