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2018 Pricing Guide

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Standard Bank is committed to helping you take your business to the next level. Whether you need short-term finance for crucial resources, or growing your business with larger, long-term assets - we’re ready to take that journey with you.

Why choose Standard Bank Business Lending?

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  • Borrowing solutions that are tailored to fit your business needs
  • A range of repayment choices
  • Affordable instalments over manageable terms

This pricing guide gives a summary of fees for basic services we offer. It is not meant to be a full representation of all our services and their costs. Please contact our call centre, your Business Banker, or your nearest branch for further clarity.

Monthly Service Fee
NCA1(1) R57,00
NCA2(1) R68,40
Non-NCA(1) 0.02% of Limit, Min: R68.40, Max: R200.00
Non-NCA (No limit) (2) R200,00
Lending Initiation Fee
Overdraft 1.25% of facility, **minimums apply(3)
Business Revolving Credit Plan 1.25% of facility, **minimums apply(3)
Term loans (BTL, MTL) 1.25% of facility, **minimums apply(3)
Agricultural Production Loans 1.25% of facility, **minimums apply(3)
Lending Review Fee Option 1: 1% of facility annual

Option 2: 0.1% of facility monthly over 12 months (Facilities greater or equal to R10 million), ** minimums apply(3)
Unutilised Facility(4) 1.25% of unutilised portion of facility
Review Extension Fee(5) 0.1% of facility monthly, **minimums apply(3)
Other Fees
Honouring fee R130,00
Dishonour or unpaid fee R115,00 (incr. to R145,00 from the 4th occurence. Within 12 month calendar cycle)

*Prices include VAT and are subject to change

  1. A monthly overdraft service fee will be charged on all accounts with limits above R500,00. (NCA1 - all facilities opened before May 2016 & NCA2 - all facilities opened in and after May 2016)
  2. A monthly overdraft service fee will be charged on all accounts with no limits and overdrawn balances above R300,00.
  3. Minimum subject to terms and conditions. Subject to NCA rules for NCA customers.
  4. To be charged on the unutilised portion of a facility where utilisation is less than 80% of total facility.
  5. This fee will be charged for every month the review is delayed.

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If you have any questions about the new pricing or any of the other services we offer, call us at 0860 109 075, visit our website at or send and email to
You can also speak to a Relationship Manager at your nearest Standard Bank branch.
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