As a banking partner that seeks to make a real difference to your financial management processes, Standard Bank acknowledges the critical role electronic banking plays in delivering innovative and effective product and service offerings in a globalised business environment.

We also recognise that keeping a successful company going is a delicate balancing act. Apart from managing your supply chain, ensuring you are adequately staffed, keeping your clients satisfied and maintaining your systems, you need to make sure you collect from your debtors and that all your bills are paid on time.

Business Online offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to address all your business banking requirements, allowing you to manage your accounts, pay creditors and salaries, collect money from debtors, trade in foreign exchange and manage liquidity across a range of local and foreign currency bank accounts.


By delivering up-to-date banking information directly to your computer, Business Online gives you a comprehensive view of your business relationship with Standard Bank to help ease your decision making and financial management processes.

Business Online provides:

  • A comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet your specific banking needs
  • Access to your banking portfolio at any time
  • Relevant and useful information on all aspects of your electronic banking portfolio
  • Improved control over company funds
  • Effective management of cash flow
  • World-class security with strict control measures


Business Online is equipped with a number of security features designed to protect the integrity of your banking portfolio:

Access control: Each operator has a unique ID and a personal password. In addition, Business Online makes use of 2 Factor Authentication - a token that generates unique one time passwords as an added security measure. Access to the system will only be granted if the correct combination of operator ID, personal password and token-generated one time password is entered.

Segregation of duties: By segregating the duties of the Business Online operators in your company, you can assign different operators with different roles in the transactional process, ensuring that no transaction can take place without at least two people being involved. Segregation of duties is especially important for authorising access to the system and processing payments.

Limits: Customer-defined limits allow you to better control funds being released from your accounts. Operator limits and multiple release capabilities provide added security, limiting the maximum value to which different users can perform transactions.

Audit trails: A number of different audit reports are available on Business Online to help you identify any irregular activity that may take place on the system with regard to beneficiary profiles and payment transactions.

Verification of recipient account information: Standard Bank's Account Verification Service (AVS) allows you to verify account information across all participating banks in South Africa before making payments or collecting funds. AVS validates the details of your selected payees to ensure the funds you release are received by the correct parties

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