Enterprise Development

What is it?

Is it 40 points on a BEE scorecard?

An opportunity to diversify your supply chain?

An important tick on a procurement checklist?

Or an innovative way to drive business for small and medium sized enterprises?

It’s all these and more. It’s an inspiring vision for you to play a real role in the sustainability and growth of your country’s economy.

The challenges:

How do you go about matching your commercial procurement need with a new BEE supplier?

Know you are picking the right partners and assess a new supplier’s ability, all while running your own business?

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.


The Standard Bank Solution:

Standard Bank has established a specialised

Enterprise Development offering.

It’s purpose?

To offer financing solutions to primarily BEE companies which have gained access to preferential procurement opportunities from corporates or public sector entities.


In other words, if you want to:

  • Diversify your supply and value chain by procuring from a black owned entity (>51% Black ownership/30% black women ownership)
  • Or want to encourage a current supplier to sell equity in their business and become more viable from a BEE standpoint, we can help.
  • Here’s how it works

    It’s an approach quite different to any other. Once you have identified the suppliers and awarded them a supplier contracts (and ascertained that they would like financial assistance) give us a call.

    We’ll meet with you and the contracted supplier – so that we can make sure we truly understand the supplier’s financial needs and make sure that our lending enables the supplier to fulfill the contractual obligation. We consider how the future cash flows from the contract can support the required lending.

  • So how does this benefit you?

    In a nutshell – the partnership assist the SMEs to access a market or procurement opportunities, capital and business development. This significantly reduces their risks and increase their growth. What this means, is that the supplier is pre-qualified and ready to deliver to your expectations. But we don’t stop there.

    Where there are inherent risks in operational and financial management, we invest in mitigating these

    once the loan is granted. This allows the bank and the corporate/public sector entity to invest in commercialising the entity, ensuring that they move from owner-dependent small entities, to self-sustaining viable businesses.

  • The Result?

    Companies grow ... meaningful employment is created families become wealthier ... kids go to school ... consumers are created ... and companies grow.

    You’ve supported your BEE scorecard AND made a major contribution to the growth of the economy – and

    started the cycle of new jobs. It’s banking on its head. Business unusual. Standard Bank Enterprise Development. Writing the book on economic growth, job creation and new financial independence.

  • Contact details

    For more information please send an email to edbanking@standardbank.co.za

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