Standard Bank Fleet Management developed ECO2Fleet, a web-based fleet management data collection and reporting service that measures the carbon emissions of vehicles and is aligned to the principles of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, a globally recognised accounting tool used to measure carbon emissions.

ECO2Fleet will give you a way of measuring the impact of your fleet by allowing you to accurately measure the CO2 emissions released by the vehicles in your fleet. This offering is available at no additional cost to companies making use of the Standard Bank Fleet Management Card product.

  • How it works

    • Standard Bank Fleet Management’s system records information through the use of its fleet cards, which is required to determine a vehicle’s carbon footprint. ECO2Fleet uses this information to calculate and measure the carbon footprint of the vehicles in a fleet.
    • Each vehicle’s carbon footprint (actual CO2 emissions) as well as an average CO2 grams per kilometre (CO2 g/km) is calculated individually and then rolled-up to ultimately display a total carbon footprint of an entire fleet. Furthermore, additional information is available to assist companies to measure how their vehicles are performing in comparison to manufacturer standards and similar vehicles.
    • The data is available over a range of different time periods including life-to-date and financial year-to-date information. All data is updated monthly and can be viewed online, printed, exported to Excel or saved as a PDF document.
    • ECO2Fleet will assist companies to manage and track their carbon footprint that can also facilitate the implementation and management of a strategy to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Eco2Fleet Benefits

    • ECO2Fleet gives you a web-based tool to measure and manage your fleet’s carbon footprint.
    • ECO2Fleet puts you in a better position to implement practices to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint. This may lead to a saving in total fuel expenditure, thus resulting in reduced operating costs, which can also result in improved bottom line profits.
    • With ECO2Fleet, you are able to make drivers more aware of their driving habits as these will become easier to illustrate to them.
    • ECO2Fleet will also help you improve your maintenance practices because a vehicle that runs well has lower emissions (thus a lower carbon footprint).
    • ECO2Fleet compares the actual carbon emissions of each vehicle to a manufacturer-specified or default carbon emissions rating. This gives a clearer indication of how your fleet vehicles are performing.
    • ECO2Fleet holds great value for all companies who are committed to manage cost and reduce their carbon emission impact on the environment.
  • Carbon emissions

    • Given current automotive technology, it is impossible to have zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when you are running a fleet. Those emissions may inflict damage on the earth and contribute towards climate change.
    • To be aligned with the South African as well as the global vision to become environmentally friendlier, all companies with fleets of vehicles are encouraged to reduce their carbon emission impact on the environment. By doing this companies will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but can also benefit financially through implementing cost saving practices.
    • We can now provide you with a web-based tool to help you measure and manage your fleet’s carbon footprint.
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