Fleet administration forms

We have a range of fleet administration forms, which provide you with a convenient and easy way of administering your fleet. Click on the relevant links to access the forms.

Note: Please have your Fleet Management customer number handy when completing the forms.

Add a vehicle
Use this form to load a new vehicle onto your account. The term "new" refers to a vehicle that has not been previously loaded to your account. You cannot use this form to make amendments to vehicle information that is already loaded onto your account.

Additional requirements
Fill in this form if you would like to make use of any additional fleet management products.

Change a card type
Use this form to change the type of card linked to a vehicle.

Change driver's name
Use this form to change the name of the vehicle's driver.

Change registration details
Use this form if the registration number of an existing vehicle is changed.

Damaged card
When a card is damaged, broken, the embossing has gone flat or the magnetic strip is faulty, it can be replaced by completing this form.

Dispose of a vehicle
Use this form if a vehicle no longer requires a card, for example, the vehicle has been sold or replaced.

Fleet administration query
Fill in this form if you have any fleet marketing, merchant or administration queries.

Lost card protection
Fill in this form to report a lost or stolen Fleet Management card . A replacement card can also be ordered by ticking the appropriate block on the form.

Transfer a vehicle
Use this form to transfer an existing vehicle to a different cost centre.


Use this form if you want to make any other changes to your fleet information.

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