Whether you are looking to purchase equipment or vehicles, or require short-term saving and lending solutions to assist you with daily and monthly cash flow planning, Standard Bank offers a holistic solution for your manufacturing business.

Our range of specialised products and services are supported by the advice and expertise of a team of advisors and account executives to ensure that your business needs are understood and matched with the right type of financing solution.

Standard Bank offers a comprehensive manufacturing financing solution to assist you with:

  • Vehicle and asset financing
  • Financing of imported assets. We can also assist with the forward exchange contracts and can issue you a letter of credit to be provided for the payment of the asset to the offshore company
  • Financing for generators
  • Machinery breakdown cover
  • Customised business insurance, including business-interruption insurance in the event of a fire at your premises, and insurance for break-ins as well as staff theft.

BizConnect Manufacturing Tips and Tools

For manufacturing insights on what’s happening in your sector visit our comprehensive BizConnect portal. Whether you’re looking to improve manufacturing efficiencies or to know the latest trends impacting on the industry, the BizConnect site provides informative tips and tools to keep you informed. Keep up-to-date with new articles published daily or subscribe to our quarterly newsletters.

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