Third Party Fund Administration

Third Party Fund Administration is an electronic investment vehicle which allows third-party fund administrators such as attorneys, accountants, financial intermediaries, trust companies and or any other institution or business considered to be a Financially Accountable Institution (referred to as agents) to perform basic banking transactions on their clients’ accounts whilst earning favourable interest rates.

The TPFA system is a Windows-driven electronic delivery system that uses Internet technology to offer seamless and paperless processing of third party funds.


  • Manage Third Party Funds
  • Must have a Standard Bank Business/Trust Account
  • Must have Professional Indemnity Insurance/ Fidelity Fund Insurance

Our target customers are: Attorneys, Estate Administrators, Liquidators, Accountants, Estate Agents, Property Managing Agents, Pension Fund Administrators, Sheriffs, Share Traders, Debt Collectors and Fresh Produce Agents.

Risk Management


  • Our 128-bit encryption technology affords peace of mind.
  • Access is controlled through user IDs, operator IDs, tokens and passwords.
  • Access limits and restrictions can be put in place for different users, according to your unique requirements.
  • Segregation of duties among operators allows you to determine who does what on the system.
  • Operator limits and multiple release capabilities provide added security.
  • Customer-defined limits give you control over funds being released from your account.
  • Many functions can be automated, minimising manual input errors.
  • Audit trails are available to help monitor access and usage by staff.
  • Usage statistics can be viewed, printed or downloaded.
  • Beneficiary and transaction limits can be enforced to improve security.
  • Many of our online products offer automated branch and account validation features, minimising input errors.

Third Party Fund Administration provides a platform for you to do the following:

  • Opening and closing of accounts
  • Invest funds at Wholesale rates
  • Perform basic banking transactions
  • Make term deposits on behalf or your customers to benefit from higher rates
  • Perform Electronic payments
  • Perform inter-account transfers
  • Automated collection of Admin fees
  • Electronic access to statements
  • Electronic Property Guarantees (Attorneys)