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How do you know who is a legitimate Standard Bank AccessPoint and who isn’t?
Standard Bank signage is only given to authorized AccessPoints, so only accredited shops will display the Standard Bank Access Point sign. Also, Standard Bank AccessPoints all have special Standard Bank terminals that look like a point-of-sale (POS) machines and the must all display a Standard Bank certificate with an AccessPoint number on it. If you are not sure about the AccessPoint nearest to you, contact the Access call centre on 083 1138, or check the details using the AccessPoint locator by just dialing *120*2345*67#

Is this a safe way to transfer my money?
Yes, the shop owner gives you a receipt with a voucher number. You will enter a PIN, which only you know, into the terminal. This PIN must be kept secret and should only be given to the person who you want to collect the money.

Where can you find the Standard Bank AccessPoints?
There are more than 4000 Standard Bank AccessPoints throughout the country, with more being added all the time. Look out for the Standard Bank Access Point sign outside these shops. You can also get information using your cell phone. Enter *120*2345*67# to find out where the closest AccessPoint is located in your area.

Can I do a money transfer at my local Standard Bank Branch?
No, the service is only available at Standard Bank AccessPoints. Selected SPAR, Standard Bank APP, Standard Bank Internet Banking and our ATM’s.

How is the AccessPoint different to a normal Standard Bank branch?
AccessPoints are not Standard Bank branches and can only do certain transactions like Cash-in and Cash-out, accept card swipe payments, perform money transfers and sell prepaid airtime and electricity. AccessPoints don’t have access to your bank account and cannot service your account like issuing a new debit card or changing your PIN.

What’s cash-in and cash-out? Is this the same as withdrawing and depositing money?
Cash-in and cash-out are similar to withdrawing and depositing money, but the process of putting cash into your account at an AccessPoint is instant. Taking out cash is also cheaper at an AccessPoint, than at a branch or even an ATM.

Will the shop owner be able to help me do the transactions if I don't know how?
Yes, they can help you but they are not bank employees and cannot service your account. Also, you should never give your PIN to anyone including bank staff.

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