Card safety

Please have your card number or identity number handy and make a note of the reference number given to you by Customer Care.

Your replacement card will have a new card number. If you have debit orders against your card account, you will need to give your new card number to the debit order recipients. 

To track your case, please call our Financial Crime Division on 010 249 0017. You will need to use the reference number given to you by the Lost Card Division.

  • Lost Card Protection

    Lost Card Protection is a free service that protects you against loss caused by fraudulent use of your card if it is lost or stolen up to 24 hours prior to first reporting of the event to the bank.

    Lost Card Protection does not cover transactions in which your PIN was used.

    Once you report your card as lost or stolen, our Lost Card Division will issue you with a reference number, which you need to give to our Financial Crime Division in the event of fraudulent transactions appearing on your card account.

    To track your case, please call our Financial Crime Division on 010 249 0017 with the reference number given to you by the Lost Card Division. 

    Please note: 

    • You are not protected against transactions in which your PIN is used.
    • You may not be protected if you fail to report the loss of your card as soon as possible, or if you compromised your card details to a third party, depending on the circumstances.
    • You will be liable for any fraudulent transactions that have not been reported within 60 days from the date of transaction.
    • If you have two cards and one of them is reported lost, do not use the additional card. If your card is linked to a garage card, don’t use your garage card until a new number has been allocated to you.
  • Guard your PIN

    Credit cards are a safe way to make payments, provided you take some basic precautions.

    You will use your same credit card PIN at ATMs and point of sale terminals. As with ATM withdrawals, make sure nobody sees you entering your PIN at the till. If you feel uncomfortable, stop the transaction and ask for your card.

    Don’t tell anyone your PIN. You are responsible for all transactions where your PIN was used.

    If you feel that your PIN is no longer secret and secure, head to your closest Standard Bank branch or Standard Bank AutoBank and select a new PIN of your choice.

  • Register for free MyUpdates

    MyUpdates is an instant messaging system that notifies you every time there is any activity on your account. You’ll always get an update when funds are withdrawn – so you will always know if there were transactions that you didn’t make.

    If you notice anything strange, such as a payment or transfer you did not authorise, then call us immediately on 0861 201 000.

    To register for MyUpdates, call 0860 123 107 or visit a Standard Bank branch. Please read the terms and conditions. Call us on 0860 123 107 if you have any questions.

  • Using the ATM

    • Stand close to the ATM.
    • Don't let anyone distract you.
    • If someone moves close to you after you your card, press ‘Cancel’ and take your card. Don’t enter your PIN.
    • Check your card before you leave the ATM to make sure it’s yours.
    • If you need help, ask a Standard Bank staff member. Don't accept help from strangers.
    • Never give anyone your PIN to anyone, including bank employees.
    • If you feel uncomfortable at an ATM, cancel your transaction and leave.
    • Don’t withdraw cash in deserted places. 


  • Paying at point-of-sale (POS)

    • Never let your card out of your sight.
    • Don’t leave your card lying around.
    • If you can’t find your card, report it immediately by calling our Lost Card Division: 0800 020 600.


  • Preventing Fraud

    Counterfeit cards

    Fraudsters can duplicate your card, which they use to make illegal transactions on your account. They do this by 'skimming' (copying) your card details with a device placed in the ATM. To get your PIN, they will either place a camera somewhere, or watch you while you type in your PIN. Keep the ATM keypad covered when you enter your PIN.

    Card swapping

    Fraudsters will often pretend to help you when an ATM ‘swallows’ your card. They will mislead you into believing that your card is still in the ATM, when in fact they’ve already snapped it up and watched you enter your PIN.

    Never let any stranger help you at an ATM. If someone interrupts you, cancel the transaction immediately and leave. Make sure you have your card with you.

    Online purchases without a card

    Nowadays, fraudsters don’t need to have your physical card to make fraudulent transactions. They can make online purchases with only your card details. Keep your card details secret. Always keep your card with you and never lose sight of it.

    Travelling overseas

    Please let us know when you’re going to travel overseas by calling Customer Care on 0861 201 000 or our Financial Crime Unit on 0800 301 450 or 0102 490 017.

    By notifying us we can continue to monitor your account without making a call referral to authenticate a purchase you make.

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