DebiCheck is a new system designed to help protect you against fraud and reduce the number of unauthorised debit orders being processed. This means your accounts cannot be debited by anyone without your permission as you will have to approve and verify new debit orders before they can be processed.
How it works
You decide to take out a new contract or buy goods on credit with a service provider or creditor.
You will be required to complete a mandate that will be sent to your bank.
Before the debit order can be processed, you will be asked to confirm that the debit order is legitimate
The details of the debit order that you will have to confirm via the bank’s channels include:
  • who is debiting your bank account;
  • when you will be debited; and
  • the amount that will be debited to your account.
You will only have to confirm these details once, when a new debit order is first set up. Upon approval of the mandate, the bank will make sure that it is processed according to the information you have provided.
We are implementing DebiCheck in a phased approach which means not all debit orders are immediately affected.
What I need to do
Once a new DebiCheck debit order is set up, you'll need to approve it
by phoning our Customer Call Centre at 0860 123 000; or
visiting one of the Standard Bank branches; or
Alternatively the service provider will have a point of sale machine where you can approve by entering your Customer Selected Pin number.
In the future you will also be able to approve using Internet banking, the Standard Bank app, your cellphone by dialling *120*2345# if you are registered for cellphone banking or at a Standard Bank ATM with a DebiCheck sign displayed on it.
For further questions on DebiCheck:
Call us on 08600 123 000, or visit the Standard Bank Community to read more.