What is it

  • A Debit card linked to current or savings account. It allows customers to make purchases at supermarkets, clothing stores, petrol stations, restaurants and many more outlets worldwide without having to carry cash. It can also be used at an ATM to make withdrawals.


  • Convenient: Paying with your debit card is safer and more convenient than carrying cash. Don’t queue for cash at an ATM; use your debit card for shopping.
  • Safe: debit cards are chip-enabled which makes it more difficult for fraudsters to clone or copy. Each transaction is also authenticated via a secure PIN. Your card can also be replaced if you lose or it is stolen, so it’s much safer to carry than cash.
  • Worldwide acceptance: Debit cards are accepted globally 24 hours a day, wherever a MasterCard or Visa logo is displayed.
  • Contactless transactions: You can now pay for purchases under R500, by simply tapping your contactless card close to a contactless point of sale terminal. For payments under R500, you do not need to give your card to the cashier, enter a PIN or sign a slip. You will need to load funds at a Standard Bank ATM onto the Card Wallet embedded on the card.
  • Online purchases: With the Debit Card payD customers may use their Debit cards to make purchases securely online at registered payD merchants.

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 *A maximum currency conversion fee of 2.75% of the rand value of the transaction applies to all international transactions.


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