Foreign Nationals

Banking needs are similar for everyone irrespective of where you live and or study throughout the world. When you start thinking of banking next, Standard Bank will be right next to you, providing you with financial solutions that are tailored for you.

Types of Foreign Nationals 

  • Temporary Residents: Foreign National with temporary residence status in SA

  • Non-Residents: Foreign National residing outside South Africa, this includes South Africans who have emigrated.

Why should I choose Standard Bank?

Standard Bank treats customers like real people and believes that the only thing that matters is what matters to customers. We cater for your personal banking & service needs.

  • Temporary Residents:

    What do I need to open an account?

    • Valid Passport
    • Valid Proof of Residence


    And any of the permits listed beow:

      • Study
      • Business
      • Work
      • Spousal
      • Relative
      • Permanent residence
      • Diplomats
      • Retired person's visa
      • Asylum seeker permit
      • Refugees ID


    What services are avaiable to me?

      • Current Accounts
      • Foreign Currency Accounts
      • Saving & Investments
      • Credit Cards
      • Vehicle Asset & Finance
      • Home Loans
      • Society Schemes
      • Insurance & Wealth
      • InstantMoney
      • Access to Digital Banking
      • UCount Rewards Programme
  • Non-Residents:

    What do I need to open an account?

    • Valid Passport
    • An address of your current residence
    • Three months’ bank statements from your previous countries bank, showing the activity on the account
    • A Certificate of Introduction from your previous countries bank, showing your personal details and signed by a bank official, with their name and contact number on the letter.


    What services are available to me?

    As a Non-Resident banking with Standard Bank you have access to an array of banking and service offerings such a:

    • Current accounts
    • Foreign currency accounts (in US dollar, euro or pounds sterling)
    • Savings accounts
    • Investment accounts over short and longer terms
    • Home loans
    • Access to digital banking
    • Personalised banking service
    • Assistancce with Emigration (details below)


    If you are considering emigrating, we will assist to make sure that all your financial affairs are in order as this service also extends to South African citizens who are moving to or living in another country but hold financial interests in South Africa.

    Standard Bank is an authorised dealer, our primary focus is to ensure your compliance with regulations stipulated by the South African Reserve Bank on exchange control regulations.

    Our specialists provide a variety of consulting services pertaining to the opening and operating of Non-Resident accounts, as well as other related exchange control issues.

    We will submit applications to the South African Reserve Bank on your behalf when necessary or required. Our exchange control services cover:

    • Emigration assistance
    • Inheritances (estates)
    • Release of blocked assets and fund
    • Assistance to foreign national employed in South African contracts
    • Pension payments to residents temporarily abroad, Exchange control advice and guidance to all retail clients


    Applications to the South African Reserve Bank cover:

    • Loans from non-residents to residents Transfers by emigrants above the limit
    • Exemption from regulation 3(1)(F) in terms of Home Loan applications for Non Resident customers
    • Income and capital distributions from Inter Vivos and Will Trusts
    • Death Claims
    • Surplus pensions transfers


    Foreign Exchange services

    We also offer Foreign Exchange services, which include international payments. Non-Residents will be able to make beneficiary payments in the following ways:

  • Important Information, contact details and links:

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Temporary Residents

    Question:  What Type of permits do you accept for Personal Banking?
    Answer:  All Permits listed on our website are accepted for personal banking, as long as they are valid (not expired)


    Question: Do I have access to Standard Bank electronic banking services? 
    Answer:  Yes, you do have access to electronic banking services like Internet banking, Standard Bank App and Cellphome Banking.


    Question: Do you have Foreign Exchange services? And how can I access them as a temporary Resident?
    Answer:  Yes, Standard Bank has Forex services and as a temporary resident you do have access to these services.


    Non - Residents

    Question:  As a Non-Resident, can I open up an account for Foreign Currency?
    Answer:   Yes you can, the Non-Resident centre will be able to assist you.

    Question:  How do I update my information once I have a Non-Resident account?

    Answer:  You have to email the Non-Resident Centre with certified copies of your updated information.

    Question:  How secure is my money if I plan on investing in South Africa?

    Answer:  Your money is very secure, we have a variety of investment and saving options for non-resident account holders. Please contact the non-resident centre for assistance.

    Question: Are there Saving and Investment options as a Non-Resident account holder?

    Answer:  Yes there are Saving and investment options as a Non-Resident Account holder.

    Question: I plan on moving to South Africa, how do I apply for temporary residency? and Do I have access to switching my account when I get to South Africa?

    Answer: You may visit your nearest Standard Bank branch and yes, you have the option of switching your account to a South African based financial solution.

    Question: As a Non-Resident once I get to South Africa for visiting, do I have access to a Debit Card, and is there a limit to how much money I have access to in South Africa?

    Answer: Yes, you have access to a debit card once you land in South Africa, to support your financial needs once in South Africa.

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