Flexi Advantage Investment Account

Great fixed interest rates with the flexibility to access up to 40% of your money whenever you like

Opening deposit
R 1 000
Access your money
Up to 40% anytime
Interest rate
Up to 7.35%

About Flexi Advantage Investment Account

How to qualify

  • You can invest R 1 000 or more
  • You are a South African citizen
  • You have a valid passport or permit

Minors may open the investment account with a parent’s or guardian’s consent.

Product terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Features and benefits

  • A fixed term investment where fixed interest rates are earned
  • Access up to 40% of your investment amount when you like
  • Benefit with preferential rates offered to customers opening the account through our online banking
  • The higher your balance, the higher the interest gained
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Allows you to make unlimited number of deposits and transfers into your account up to 40% of your ORIGINAL investment amount
  • Flexi Advantage interest rates

What it costs

  • Free transfers between your Standard Bank current account and your Flexi Advantage account
  • A fee is charged if you access more than 40% of your investment amount

How to apply

What you'll need

  • Your South African ID book
  • Proof of home address (less than 3 months old)
  • Valid passport and work / study permit (for non-SA citizens)

Let's talk

Send us your details and we'll phone you within five business hours to discuss your options.