SharePlus Investment Account

SharePlus is a fixed-term investment account that delivers returns linked to growth in the JSE Top 40 index equity market.

Opening deposit
R 25 000
Access your money
At maturity
Interest rate

About SharePlus Savings Account

How to qualify

  • You can invest R 25 000 or more
  • You are a South African citizen
  • You have a valid passport or permit

Minors may open the investment account with a parent’s or guardian’s consent.

Product terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Features and benefits

  • Your invested capital is guaranteed
  • Gain exposure to equity markets without the risk of losing your initial investment
  • No maximum investment amount
  • Your funds are invested for the full term and become available at maturity
  • SharePlus is made available in tranches at our discretion. The return on the investment is determined at maturity, and is capped as per the tranche offer

What it costs

How to apply

What you'll need

  • Your ID book

Let's talk

Send us your details and we'll phone you within five business hours to discuss your options.