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Once you’ve made an offer to buy your dream home, the rest is easy. It only takes a few easy steps to apply online for a home loan. Whether you’re buying your first home, building or developing, or looking to switch your bond for a better deal, you’re guaranteed a personalised interest rate.

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See just how easy buying property can be, or use our calculators to check your affordability and repayments.
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Find out how to put your home loan to work or make paying it off easier, access your documents or change your personal information.
Put your home loan to work
Looking to renovate, you can apply for an additional amount on your current loan and add surplus cash to reduce your monthly instalment.
Get insured
Get quotes online to see how little it costs to cover the home you live in, the personal belongings inside it, and however much you still owe on your property.
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Work out your price range, monthly repayments, and how much you can save with extra payments.

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