Vehicle Finance

Ready for a new set of keys in your pocket?

Standard Bank will help you find the vehicle finance best suited to your needs, including finance for other assets such as boats, caravans, motorcycles, and much more. We show you what you need to know to get started with your car finance.

You can also use one of our vehicle finance calculators to determine your car finance affordability or repayments.Then apply online for car finance and insurance for your loan.


Vehicle finance calculator
Work out how much your monthly repayments on your loan will be.

When it comes to financing your car – what would you like to do?

Get started with vehicle finance
Learn about vehicle finance before you take the leap. Our step by step guide will show you the process; you can compare finance options and play around with our calculators.
Apply online
Here you can get your preapproval to go ahead and hunt for that perfect car, or apply for full finance online.
Insure your vehicle
Protect your car and finances by insuring them today with our range of insurance products.
Banking App

Manage your vehicle finance on our app

Standard Bank App users who have vehicle
finance can now easily manage their accounts
via the banking app.

If you have the app and a vehicle finance account, you can do the following on the app:

  • View account summary
  • View repayment details
  • Request a settlement quote
  • Request a cross-border letter

Download the Standard Bank App from your app store

Additional vehicle finance resources

Below are some helpful links to finding the right car for you as well as working out what your current vehicle is worth.

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