Our focus is on simplifying our pricing and adding value to the wide range of products and services we have to offer.

*Please note changes to Branch Inter-account, Branch account payment, Branch transaction history and Card replacement fees.

Pricing options

Depending on the package or products you have, there are a number of pricing options for you to choose from:

Personal current accounts

  • Pay as you transact - you pay the fees associated with each transaction you make on your account.
  • Fixed monthly fee - you pay a monthly fee, which covers a certain number of transactions in a month. Once you exceed the limit in a month, the pay as you transact option applies.
  • Rebate option - if you keep a balance of R10 000 or more in your account for a full calendar month certain service fees incurred under the pay as you transact option, will be paid back into your account.

Note that you can change your pricing option at any time, but the newly selected option will only come into effect at the start of the new monthly cycle.

Other transactional, saving and investment accounts

  • Fees are charged on a 'pay as you transact' basis

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