Why am I charged a fee if someone deposits money into my account?

We are trying to keep banking costs to a minimum by automating transactions where possible. The handling of cash is manual and there are also ever-increasing costs involved, such as security and insurance premiums.

You can avoid this charge by ensuring that your employer pays your salary directly into your account. Cheque deposits are also free. You can also save by making electronic transfers and electronic account payments when you need to deposit money into other bank accounts. Our consultants will help you link your accounts so that you can enjoy these services. Also, remember that all personal transaction accounts receive their first AutoBank cash deposit free per month.

On PlusPlan and MarketLink the first cash deposit (up to a maximum of R2 500.00) is free across any channel. For PureSave the first two cash deposits (up to a maximum of R2 500.00) are free across any channel.

Why does it cost more to use another bank's ATM?

When you use another bank's ATM you are using two banks for one transaction. Both banks incur costs that they need to recover. Your bank charges a normal transaction fee and the bank whose ATM you use charges your bank an inter-bank fee for using its ATM. Your bank charges you a fee in addition to normal ATM cash withdrawal fee to offset the interbank fee paid to the other bank.

Standard Bank has an extensive network of ATM's (over 4 000) and as such it is possible to avoid these additional costs. Why must I pay R3,65 if my request to withdraw cash at another bank's ATM is declined?

As with any transaction at another Bank's ATM, there are two banks involved and the fee is to cover both the inter-bank fee as well as the cost of processing the rejected transaction. To avoid paying this fee, you should ensure you have sufficient money in your account to cover the withdrawal.

Why must I pay to replace my ATM card if I lose it?

All our cards are durable and are designed to last. It is costly to replace these cards and thus the charge to recover these costs. These charges include your Stop Card. Your AutoBank cards must be kept in a secure place. If the card needs to be replaced due to a faulty magnetic strip or other bank reasons, the fee may be waived.

How can I avoid paying unpaid item fees?

There are fees for unpaid or dishonoured items and declined ATM requests at other banks ATM. This is how to avoid them:

  • Be aware of the balance on your account. If you're unsure check your balance at any AutoBank, or by telephone, cellphone or Internet banking. Remember cellphone and internet banking balance enquiries and statements are free
  • Always remain within your account limit and avoid paying fees on items that are dishonoured because there is insufficient money in your account.
  • Draw up a budget and a schedule of regular payments and then see how much you can afford to spend on entertainment and luxuries. </<li>
  • When paying by cheque, make sure that the cheque is not post-dated, as you will be charged an unpaid deposit fee for each unpaid or post-dated cheque deposited.
  • Arrange for your debit orders and stop orders to be paid at the most convenient time for you, preferably just after your salary is received, but allow a day or two just in case your salary is late.
  • Ensure that you remain within your allocated credit limits, as you will incur "over limit" charges if you exceed this.


What is Maestro?

The Maestro payment system allows you to pay for goods in shops where you see the Maestro sign. All you do is swipe your Maestro card at the terminal, key in your PIN and select the account from which you want to pay. Your account is debited immediately. With a Maestro card you don't need to draw and carry large amounts of cash.

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