How to reduce fees

Managing your money can be challenging, especially when you lead a busy life...

Lets us help you get more value by following the tips below.

  • To ensure that you have the best account and pricing option, use the pricing calculator which helps you decide by taking into account your transacting requirements. Alternatively, discuss your needs with our consultants or bankers.
  • Take advantage of the free transactions as specified on your chosen pricing option.
  • Draw up a budget or schedule of regular payments and keep track of expenditure. This will enable you to assess affordability on entertainment and luxuries.
  • Arrange for your stop orders and debit orders to be paid at the most convenient time for you. Preferably just after your salary is received and make sure you allow a day or two for late salary payments, this will prevent an additional fee charge.
  • Avoid administration fees by ensuring that there is always sufficient money to cover any expenses coming off your account. You can carefully monitor the funds in your account by obtaining a balance enquiry on cellphone or internet banking as often as you need, at no charge.
  • Don't leave large balances in your transactional account, they offer no or little interest. Open a saving or investment account using internet banking to earn higher interest on your surplus funds. You also have the ability to link the account to your transactional account, making it easier and cheaper for inter account transfers on internet banking, cellphone banking or our ATMs.
  • Avoid using cheques to make or receive payments. Rather use electronic transfers as it is much cheaper.
  • Use your debit or cheque card to make all in store payments. You don't pay anything more because it is included in your pricing option. This is also safer than carrying cash.
  • If you need to draw cash, rather draw at a Standard Bank ATM to avoid paying additional fees for using another bank ATM.
  • Buy airtime at self service channels, available 24/7 and no service is charged on these transactions.
  • Register for FREE MyUpdates service which will help you to track your balances.


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