Building Insurance
Protect your home with reliable cover for risk of damage or a burst geyser

Building Insurance


Protection and safety

Maintain your home

Home Assistance Services

  • It covers you for a wide range of damages including leaks, malfunctions of geysers, broken windows, electrical problems, pest control and appliance repairs
  • Call out and the first hour's labour is free
  • An extensive list of referral services giving you access to manufacturers' guidelines, information and referrals to experts in a variety of sectors

Geyser Maintenance

  • You are also covered for normal wear and tear to the geyser(s) within your home.

Legal Assistance for Employers

  • Legal assistance in the event of a dispute with your domestic worker
  • Includes telephone assistance, free consultation with an attorney, access to advice on legal document requirements and access to representation.

Domestic Employees' Compensation Plan

  • Provides personal accident cover for all of your full- or part-time domestic workers, while in your employ and on duty.
  • R15 000 in the event of accidental death.
  • Up to R15 000 accidental disablement

Settlement Cover for Employers

  • Gives you up to R10 000 settlement cover should the CCMA award against you

Limited Cover - Subsidence & Landslip

  • Covers destruction or damage caused by subsidence or heave of the land supporting the dwelling or landslip.

This is provided that the destruction or damage is not caused by or does not arise from:

  • Any excavation other than mining
  • Alterations, additions or repairs to the dwelling.
  • Compaction of infill or consolidation of the soils.
  • Settlement, shrinking or expansion of the dwelling.

The following are also specifically excluded:

  • Foundations and solid floor slabs up to ground level.
  • Swimming pools, tennis courts, patios, terraces, driveways, paths, septic or conservancy tanks, drains, water courses, walls, gates, posts and fences.

Optional Cover

  • Optional cover for full subsidence and extended to cover the above instances can be arranged.

General Exclusion

  • Storm, rain, hail, wind, snow and flood

We are not liable for:

  • The work necessary to prevent further destruction or damage due to subsidence.
  • Heave or landslip except where appropriate design precautions were implemented during the original construction and any subsequent additions.

Losses not covered

  • Structural defects or any pre-existing damage to private residence and domestic outbuildings.
  • Wear and tear, rust, gradual deterioration, damage caused by vermin or insect infestation.
  • Loss, destruction or damage caused by defective workmanship, materials and design.
  • Damage to geyser valves and all pipes and other water apparatus (excluding geysers) caused by bursting or leaking.
  • Cracking of the dwelling unless resulting from an external cause which is not excluded.
  • Consequential or indirect loss of any kind including the unavailability of matching materials.
  • Any loss or damage where the cost of repairs or replacement is within the policy excess.


  • Your premiums are calculated based on the type of construction and may be automatically debited to your home loan

How do I get building insurance?

  1. 1. Apply online for building insurance:

    Get Quotes
  2. 2. Complete a Call me back and a consultant will call you

    Call Me Back
  3. 3. Call the building insurance contact center for assistance

    0860 123 999

How do I submit a claim?

  1. You can claim by:
    Building Insurance Claims Helpline
    0860 121 141
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