Standard Bank Retail Notes are JSE listed fixed income interest bearing securities that give you access to superior interest rates, previously only available to companies and institutional investors. Retail Notes can be bought and sold (traded) on the JSE with Standard Bank acting as market maker providing liquidity.

Why Retail Notes?

  • They offer potentially better returns than bank deposits and most money-market unit trusts with the same credit risk as Standard Bank deposits
  • They are easy to purchase and sell on the JSE
  • They offer an alternative asset class for retail investors looking to maximise their returns over the medium term, and manage portfolios diversified by asset class
  • They provide stable interest income paid regularly (quarterly)
  • Individuals may use tax exempt interest allowances.

Standard Bank Retail Notes

Retail Notes Term Maturity Price Rate
*SBR003 5 years 5 November 2013 Price 3 month JIBAR + 0.30%

The key features of the Standard Bank Retail Notes:

  • Retail Notes have a minimum investment requirement on primary offering of R10 000 (i.e. 100 Notes of R100 each) but once listed can be traded in R100 denominations.
  • There is no maximum investment amount.
  • They can be purchased and traded only through a JSE stockbroker.
  • No JSE brokerage is payable in the primary offering.
  • Any legal entity, including trusts or any person 18 years or older can invest in Retail Notes.
  • No Securities Transfer Tax (STT) is payable
  • If traded through Online Share Trading, reduced brokerage fees are available.

To purchase or trade Retail Notes:

  • contact your JSE broker
  • open your own JSE broker account online with Online Share Trading
  • contact the Online Share Trading Helpline on 0860 121 161

To contact the issuer:

  • Contact the Money Markets desk on +27 11 378 8209


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