Unit trusts

For the “man on the street” or for the well-seasoned investor, unit trusts offer a simple, and effective way of saving money - they are also the perfect way to build a balanced and diversified investment portfolio, with exposure to the stock exchange. Unit trusts allow a large group of people to pool their capital for investment in the equity, bond and money markets. This gives investors affordable access to investment professionals, who will manage the pool of capital according to set mandates and varying risk profiles.

STANLIB was established in 2002 and is wholly owned by the Liberty Group, following a merger of the Liberty and Standard Bank Group’s asset management, wealth management and unit trust businesses. This served to cement a history of collaboration that began in the 1960s. As one of South Africa’s top investment managers, STANLIB has received numerous awards for investment performance.

We have an experienced team of top investment professionals managing a broad range of local and global equity investments. Our range of products also includes onshore and offshore targeted return and balanced funds that combine a range of asset classes in one portfolio, offering our clients risk- and return-appropriate investment funds.

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Standard Bank offers investors access to global asset management expertise and the opportunity to place their funds in a range of professionally managed offshore investments.

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