Beneficiary Care

At Standard Trust, we are specialists in the administration of approved and unapproved death benefits which are payable to minor beneficiaries and dependents. We are therefore well positioned to take over the duty of taking care of loved ones with the dignity and professionalism they deserve.

We are committed to the wellbeing of your minor children: as such, we ensure that the capital and any income that is generated is used to support your dependents until they come of age and are able to function independently.

Our overall investment objectives are to provide beneficiaries with adequate returns and enough liquidity to cater for maintenance, education, medical expenses and general well-being, while preserving the capital. 

  • Ease of access through the Standard Bank branch network across Africa
  • Free will at age 16
  • Flexibility to access our services via email, telephone or even by direct appointment
  • Referrals to social workers where required
  • Communication in all major languages
  • Annual member benefits statements
  • Fund investment reports
  • Value-added services through Standard Bank partners
  • A transactional account and access to a financial planner

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