Estate Administration

Your heirs need objective and professional assistance when it comes to the administration of your estate.

At Standard Trust, we have the technical expertise and experience required for the effective administration of estates.

Our knowledgeable teams will ensure that your last wishes are carried out in full and that the estate is administered in as short a time as possible.

An added benefit is that we are part of the largest bank in Africa, the Standard Bank Group, therefore your loved ones can visit their local Standard Bank branch for estate administration assistance.

  • Your wishes will be carried out according to your desired specifications
  • We have professional executors with experience in the administration of deceased estates
  • Impartiality - executors remain emotionally uninvolved while still remaining accountable
  • You will not be leaving potentially burdensome work for a loved one to handle at a difficult time in their lives
  • We also administer an estate where there is no will and we are not nominated as executor. 

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