Instant Money

Instant Money an affordable, safe, and reliable way to send money to anyone with a cellphone number in South Africa. There are 3 solutions available to send money safely and conveniently to anyone with a cellphone number. 

Instant Money Transfer- A safe reliable way to send money to anyone with a cellphone number. 
Instant Money Wallet - Allows you to store money digitally. You can withdraw this money, send it to someone else, or buy services like airtime, data and electricity.
Instant Money Bulk Payments - Your business can easily pay seasonal employees, casual workers, cash suppliers and other cash allowances. 

  • Instant Money Transfer

    Benefits of using Instant Money:

    • Affordable: Sending R1000 or less costs only R9.95 and the recipient pays nothing at all.
    • Convenient: As a Standard Bank client you can send money from our ATMs, via the banking app, online banking, cellphone banking. As our non-Standard Bank clients we have also enabled our retailer partners. The recipient can get their money from ATMs and our retail partners or top up their Instant Money wallet.
    • Fast: Your money is delivered instantly to a South African cellphone number.
    • Trusted: More than 2 million people across South Africa use Instant Money every month.
    • No bank account: Neither the sender or recipient needs a bank account.

    You need the following to start using Instant Money

    • The sender must have a South African ID
    • The recipient must have a valid South African cellphone number

    How to send and receive money

    • If you are a Standard Bank customer, you can send InstantMoney via our ATMs, online banking, cellphone banking or the banking app. You can also send money from participating retailers


                    SPAR selected stores


                    Builders Warehouse selected stores

                    Game selected stores




    • Participating merchants

    You can redeem an Instant Money voucher at participating retailers, Standard Bank ATMs or your Instant Money Wallet by dialing *120*2345# opt 2


  • Instant Money Wallet

    With an Instant Money wallet you can store money digitally. You can withdraw this money, send it to someone else, or buy services like airtime, data  and electricity. Anybody can use our Instant Money wallet to:

    • Receive money: Receive Instant Money vouchers and keep the money in your Instant Moneywallet.
    • Withdraw money: Cash out some or all of your money at our retail partners or Standard Bank ATMs across South Africa.
    • Send money: If you register you can send money to any valid South African cellphone number for only R5, but don’t forget, your first Send is for FREE
    • Transfer: Why send money, when you can transfer money wallet to wallet for FREE
    • Buy value-added services: You can buy electricity or airtime or data with your Instant Money wallet.
    • Change pin: If you have blocked or forgotten your pin, Instant Money wallet allows you to reset your pin


    How to get a Instant Money wallet

    • Someone with a Standard Bank account (this could be you) can send you an Instant Money voucher via our online banking, cellphone banking, ATM or the banking app.
    • Alternatively, someone (this could also be you) can send you money from our retail partners.


    The Instant Money  wallet can be accessed by

    • Dialling *120*2345# and select Instant Money Wallet, option 2.
  • Bulk Payments

    Do your clients still deal with physical cash? Do they worry about having cash on the premises  to pay pay seasonal employees, casual workers, cash suppliers, pettycash floats and other cash allowances. Bulk paymenst is the solution they have needed to live cash free environment. Recipients only need a valid cellphone number to get their voucher, and can also choose to their  money securely in an Instant Money  wallet.

    Benefits of Instant Money Bulk Payments

    • Easier payments: Pay directly from your business account to a cellphone number. You can capture recipient details individually or in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet
    • Stay in control: Define approvals and levels of authority for captured payments. You can further track Instant Money Bulk Payments through system-generated reports
    • Stronger security: Fewer of your employees will handle cash, or leave your premises with cash in hand
    • Lower costs: Minimise costs on security, administration and control of cash
    • Easy set-up: All you need is internet access, no specific equipment required
    • Make multiple payments in one go
    • Provide petty cash, pay for services & products, incentives/allowances only
    • Pay employees directly into their Instant Money Wallets    
    • No Setup costs


    How to get Instant Money Bulk Payments

    • Complete the onboarding form and email it to Alternatively, call 086 046 6639 or contact your Standard Bank representative 
    • We’ll create an Instant Money bulk payments profile for you, and our representative will contact you to complete the set-up and give you the training you need.


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