Kidz Banking app

Kidz Banking is an educational and fun app that teaches children how to save and manage their pocket money. Every child should understand the value of money and the responsibility of handling money and the Kidz Banking app is a great way to engage with your child on how to make the right choices with their money and can be downloaded on the phone or tablet that your child uses. The app is designed using The Big 5 animal characters and each animal symbolizes a different aspect of managing money responsibly.

Your 5 animal friends will help kids to:

  • Earn money when they complete their chores
  • Save the money they earn towards a wish; like a new toy
  • Send mom or dad a request to buy them airtime or data
  • Request spending money from mom or dad
  • See their balance
  • See what they have spent their money on

And parents can use the Kidz Banking to:

  • Make chores fun and educational
  • Create a mission for your child to earn pocket money
  • Approve payment requests for completed missions
  • Help your child create and fulfil a wish and view their progress towards the wish
  • Set time limits for missions
  • Approve or decline cash, airtime and data requests

The Kidz Banking app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download.

As a parent you will need a Standard Bank current account and be using the Standard Bank app. You can then open a SUM 1 account for your child, link the Kidz Banking app in your profile and your child can start learning and saving.

Happy Kidz Banking!

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