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Shyft is an award-winning mobile app which allows you to handle all your forex needs from your phone, with no need to visit the bank. 

With Shyft, you are able to purchase and store forex (currently USD, GBP, EUR, AUD), transfer funds overseas, order a multi-currency physical MasterCard, and create virtual MasterCards that can be used for international online shopping, all from a mobile device. 


Manage your foreign currency

  • Purchase forex directly from your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere
  • All inclusive, highly competitive live rates
  • Instant allocation to your currency wallet
  • Stored safely and securely
  • Exchange seamlessly between currencies


Send money abroad

  • Make international payments to anyone, anywhere across the globe
  • Flat transaction fees, regardless of the size of the payment
  • Fast and secure processing of international payments
  • Make payments to Standard Bank offshore & Webtrader accounts at reduced rates and with fast settlement times


Physical Shyft MasterCard

  • Order a physical Shyft MasterCard to use while travelling
  • Load up to four currencies on a single card
  • Manage your card in-app
  • Zero fees when swiping or topping up the card
  • Draw cash at ATMs across the globe


Virtual Shyft MasterCard

  • Create multiple virtual cards for each currency
  • Shop online on international websites with your purchased foreign currency
  • Link the virtual card to international subscriptions
  • Manage your card in-app
  • Zero fees when using or topping up the card
  • 3D Secure verification for secure online shopping


Comprehensive Customer Support

  • Chat to one of our support agents through the live in-app chat
  • Request a call-back from one of our support agents
  • View our information cards for important updates and useful information
  • Learn how to use Shyft on-the-go with in-app instructional videos 


How to get started

You can download the Shyft app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register immediately if you have a savings or transactional bank account with us:

  • Follow the simple sign-up process and wait to receive the confirmation email
  • Transfer Rands via EFT into your Shyft account using your Shyft reference number
  • Start transacting
  • Not a Standard Bank customer? No problem. Simply download the app and follow the registration process for new-to-bank users. A representative will contact you to assist in opening up a Standard Bank account.


What it costs

  • Flat fees for international payments, regardless of the size of the transaction, as follows:

USD: US$ 14

GBP: £ 10

EUR: € 12

AUD: A$ 18

  • Reduced rates for transfers to Standard Bank offshore & Webtrader accounts, as follows:

USD: US$ 10

GBP: £ 8

EUR: € 9

AUD: A$ 13

  • R 120 once-off fee when you order a physical Shyft MasterCard 
  • No fees for swiping the physical Shyft MasterCard or using the virtual Shyft MasterCard
  • For all other fees, please see our fee schedule

Report a lost or stolen card

Shyft Support

Contact Shyft Support on or send an in-app message.

Any other questions?

Contact us at and we will answer any questions you have regarding Shyft. For more information visit

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