Email Statements

Welcome to the world of E-Statements! You can now have your bank statements e-mailed to you!

With E-Statements, you'll …


Save time!
File your E-Statements electronically - and if you have a query or need information about a specific transaction, you won't have to hunt through a paper-based filing system.

Save paper!
By 'going green' with E-Statements, we'll all be doing our bit to help the environment too.

Save money!
With E-Statements you do not pay a monthly statement fee*.

* R10 fee charged for Current Account posted statements only.


E-Statements are available on the following Personal Banking products:

  • Current accounts
  • Savings and investments
  • Credit cards
  • Home Loans
  • Vehicle and Asset finance

Earn UCount Rewards points!
As a UCount Rewards member, you’ll get 50 points towards your Rewards tier, if your Current Account statement is also sent via e-mail.

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  • How to get E-Statements

    Any new or existing customer who has a valid email address can register for E-Statements. All E-statements are password protected with either your ID number or passport number to protect your personal and account information.

    For Home Loans & Business accounts, the home loan account or business account number is used to open the statements.

  • Cheques

    • Used cheques will no longer be posted or e-mailed to you with your statements.
    • We will keep the cheques safe for you for 90 days, during which period you can request them to be posted to you.
    • After 90 days, cheques will be destroyed and only images of the cheque will be available, which you can request from your branch.